Friday, January 16, 2009


‘Tree’mendous bar!

Fancy a drink at the world’s only bar inside a tree? Than the The Big Baobab Pub in Modjadjiskloof, in the Limpopo Province is just the place to go. The Big Baobab Pub can be branded as being ‘Proudly South African’ since it is world renowned for being the widest of its species and because it attracts more than 7000 tourists year. The baobab is 20 metres high, 45 metres in circumference, sits 15 people comfortably, and is said to be older than the Egyptian pyramids; which makes it approximately 6000 years old.

Shortly after Heather and Doug van Heerden bought the farm, in the late 1980’s, they discovered that the massive baobab tree was hollow inside. When a Baobab reaches 1000 years it starts to hollow naturally. This gave them the bright idea of building a bar inside of it. In the process, the van Heerdens’ found artifacts such as a Bushmen bed made from rocks as well as tools and wagon pieces, possible belonging to an ox-wagon repairman that used to live there.

Boabab trees, also referred to as ‘trees of life’ provides, food, water and shelter for various animals as well as humans and is a home to birds, insects and small animals. The fruit of the baobab, known as the 'Monkey fruit' is an important source of vitamin C, that might just come in handy after a few rounds of beers.

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