Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
A movie about a flesh-eating bed.

Black Sheep
A movie about killer sheep in New Zealand.

Slugs: The Movie
A movie about killer slugs.

The Mangler
A movie about a killer laundry folding machine, fueled by virgin-blood.

The Stuff
A movie about strange yummy goo that erupts from earth. The goo tastes good but turns out to be deadly...

A movie about a killer baboon driven mad by experimental injections.

The Blob
A movie about a giant amoeba-like creature that likes to eat humans.

Giant Frogs? Who would have thought?

Night of the Lepus
4 Words: Giant carnivorous mutant bunnies.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
Once again...need I say more?

The Gingerdead Man
The ashes from an executed killer are mixed into some cookie dough and naturally the killer comes back as a giant knife wielding murdering Ginger Bread Man.

When Robert, an inanimate tire, discovers his destructive telepathic powers, he soon sets his sights on a desert town.


Friday, March 4, 2011


1. Golden Triangle Resort - Chiang Rai, Thailand

2. Murni's Villa - Ubud, Bali

3. Lake Manyara Serena Lodge - Tanzania, Africa

4. Kandalama Hotel - Dambulla, Sri Lanka

5. Tuscany, Italy

6. Tat Kuang Si Waterfall - Luang Prabang, Laos (natural)

7. Alila Ubud Hotel - Bali, Indonesia

8. Sheraton Waikiki - Hawaii

9. Hotel Villa Mahal - Turkey

10. Rangali Island - Maldives

11. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar - Dead Sea, Jorda

12. Divi Little Bay Beach Resort - St. Maarten

13. Phuket, Thailand

14. Los Cabos, Mexico

15. North Narrabeen Tidal Pool - Sydney, Australia (natural)

16. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

17. Intercontinental Hotel - Fiji

18. Dreams Resort - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

19. Unknown

20. Turkey

21. Mes Amis Resort

22. Ubud Hanging Gardens - Bali, Indonesia

23. Infinity Falls (natural)

24. Unknown

25. Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino - Singapore