Thursday, August 26, 2010


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A new species of micro-frog, dubbed Microhyla nepenthicola, were discovered in Borneo – the tiny amphibians only grows to the size of a pea. Newslite states that 'while specimens are already held by many museums around the world, they have previously been misidentified as juveniles of other species' and that they were so small that the frogs were only found when researchers heard their "harsh rasping note" call at sundown.

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The miniature frog species Microhyla nepenthicola uses Bornean pitcher plants for breeding.

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The miniature tadpoles
within a pitcher of the Bornean pitcher plant.

Sunday, August 22, 2010



These pencils from TreeSmart are made out of recycled newspapers and are available from Abe's Market.

'Pencils aren't as earth-friendly as we would like to think. In fact, parents might be shocked to find out that the yellow pencils they grew up using are made out of the 4 billion trees cut down worldwide for paper industries -- which leads to deforestation and habitat loss.

They are also harmful because they are processed with toxic chemicals in factories which pollutes our air.'


See how to make your own beads out of recycled newspaper here


With enough time, patience, and newspapers you can create newspaper yarn. Newspaper yarn can be woven into varying degrees of complexity to construct anything from curtains, to rugs, netting throws, or even upholstery.

USB stick:

This origami USB stick 'Boardy' are made with with recycle paper.


These recycled newspaper coasters are made by woman in the Phillipines, read more here.


This unique woven recycled newspaper handbag is available here.


'Designer Colin Lin hit upon a very exciting idea by using recycled newspaper to create an environmentally friendly ballet flat. These adorable flats are crafted from recycled Chinese language newspapers that are woven into a lattice pattern, then dipped in plastic for weather protection and durability (via).'

Universal World House:

This remarkable prefabricated house is made from recycled paper and can be built for less than $5000. 'The Universal World House is light, cheap, well-insulated, and remarkably strong, making it an incredible asset to developing countries, the homeless, and those displaced by disasters.'

Thursday, August 19, 2010


1. The Red Diamond bathtub

This unique and very luxurious – one of the most expensive tub in the world – by Water Games Technologies was designed by Aldo Pulielli and can comfortably accommodate two people. The bathtub features: a waterproof HDTV on a mobile console that disappears when not in use by pressing a button, a champagne holder encrusted with swarovski crystals, multicolor lightning, a massager, a self extracting hand-held shower unit, an automatic disinfectant system, electronic controls that automatically fill the tub with just the right temperature water and to top it all, a GSM module that lets you control the tub from a distance, it can be filled while your stuck in traffic so that you have the bath ready to relax in when you get home (via).

2. The Sigma Whirlpool bathtub

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This extravagant tub by Jacuzzi Morphosis is loades with features 'rotating microjets providing you soothing back massages, classic jacuzzi whirlpool massage with electronic adjustments, stereo radio with sharp loudspeakers, remote control to adjusts the massage cycles, not to forget the stunning shape of the tub itself. Lights are perfectly placed in the tub with a programmable cycle to add to its mystic look. The stunning arch above the bathtub gives you a feeling of being treated royally' (via). 'It also includes a sanitizing system function, as well as a Cromodream one, the induction charged remote control allowing you to choose your favorite chromotherapy cycle and select amongst 7 different intensities for your whirlpool massage that includes hydromassage, hydrotherapy, and chromotherapy (via).

3. Energy Balance Cocoon bathtub

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This is your personal spa in the comfort of your own home.
'For those who are inseparable with
their iPods, Jacuzzi offers a tub that allows you carry it along while enjoying a hydrotherapeutic session in your mini spa at home. Jacuzzi extends its hot tub line with their new J400 collection that features new Aqua Sound Audio System with iPod docking station besides the illuminated jets, elevated waterfall, various massage therapies, CD player, AM-FM radio, 4 waterproof micro-speakers, floating remote control and MP3 jack with stereo option. For luxury comfort it includes adjustable pillows, water fall and Illuminated IX jet spa (via).'

4. The Inside bathtub

The Inside bathtub – with its modern eclipse shape made to stand in the center of the room – by Gruppo Treesse was designed by Fabrizio Batoni and has a variety of unique features: A waterfall faucet, soft cushions, lift up panels to hide the hardware, hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, an air jet system and a MP3 player.

5. The GEN X bathtub

This asymmetrical walk-in corner tub, also by Gruppo Treesse, is multi-functional to accommodate different user types. The tub has a transparent acrylic door in one corner that opens inwards to safe space in the bathroom. It also features a hydromassage blower, color therapy, heater, light, radio and a force drain system that allows the tub to empty quickly.

6. The Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath & Washbasin unit

'Although it may seem that the trend in bathrooms is toward bigger, even the most cramped bathrooms can be given the most luxurious makeover. This is precisely what the Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath & Washbasin Unit aims to achieve with its innovative design that incorporates a damping device allowing easy rising and lowering of the washbasin unit. Featuring a bathtub under its washbasin along with an OLED Screen, featuring whatever image the user uploads. While you might be cozy and intimate with your small bath space, we are sure that the Sub-Tub would be a great retreat when it comes into production (via).'

7. Illuminated Hi Density Polyethylene baths

These Hi Density Polyethylene tubs are available in white, orange, green, pink or red and are each fitted with with an LED-light-device, programmed in time, intensity and color.

8. The Glass bathtub

This bathtub by Wasauna is ultra-luxurious, features a well-crafted faucet stand with a hand-held shower nozzle. Definitely a jewel for any bathroom.

9. The Hot-Rod bathtub

Tetsuya Nakamura created this unique bath – as part of her premium series – from fiber-reinforced plastic. She painted it with colorful, fluid patterns to evoke a sense of speed.

10. The Amaltea bathtub

This classic opulent bathtub by Baldi is a stand-alone tub made of amethyst, one of the most precious stones and is based on a stand with golden accents to add to the grandeur.

11. The Rock Crystal bathtub

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This is another decadent bathtub by Baldi. It is made from a single giant quartz rock crystal, and took 6 months to complete.

12. Japanese 'Ofuru' tubs

'The ofuro has been used by the Japanese for centuries to alleviate both physical and spiritual maladies. This ancient technique of immersion in hot water takes away tensions and stress, soothes muscular pains, and stimulates the blood's circulation. Due to its ability to increase the quality of one's life and health, this oriental bathing tradition has been gaining popularity here in the west (via).' The ofuro has many differences from western style bathtubs: the tub only gets used for soaking and relaxing and not for actual bathing, using soap will stain the wood. The baths is also deeper than average baths and overflows over the top onto the floor. This requires that the floor where the ofuro is placed is completely waterproofed with a central floor drain installed. RH Tubs manufactures modern ofurus that comes with a circulation system, including filtration and heating components (gas or electric), as well as therapeutic jets.

13. The Archeo Copper bathtub

'Archeo' – the greek word for ancient and beautiful – perfectly describes the handcrafted detail of this solid copper bathtub by Kallista. Copper is a great conductor of heat, therefore feels warm to the touch. An elegant, fluted-shell copper bathtub faucet set with handshower complements the bathtub. It also features a turn knob finely etched with a starfish sitting on a seashell.

14. The Tub-E

The Tub-E by Wild Terrain Designs is available in stainless steel or copper and cradled by a luxury swirl staircase. The tub has pinhole LED lights embedded into the perimeter, and a heater built in under the seat. With one touch programming, it's not only auto fill, auto empty and auto clean, but can also be programmed to add any essential oils during the filling of the tub.

15. Conca bathtubs

These hugely oversized conca bathtubs by Vaselli really play up the potential of bold and beautiful, large bathtubs. As an expert in stone designs, Italian company Vaselli takes this material and plays up the subtle nuances of raw nature, refined and polished into a stunning sculptural piece (via).

16. The Concrete Mussel Shell bathtub

This tub by HighTech embraces the sim the simple shapes found in nature and is perfect for people with a refined style.

17. The Leggera bathtub

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This bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia is a designed by Gilda Borgnini. A stainless steel shower pole pierces through the porcelain effortlessly, as if it were indeed cloth. The outside and inside of the bathtub are less marked, melting into one another with a sensation of airy relaxation (via).

18. Teak tubs

These wooden teak tubs are made from teak that is harvested using environmentally friendly and sustainable forestry techniques.

19. The Amalfi bathtub

These bathtubs from Victoria & Albert ultimate in modern 21st century bathtubs. The Amalfi bathtub transforms the period look into sexy sleekness.

20. The Vascabarca boat shaped bathtub

This unique bathtub called Vascabarca can be the center of your bathroom. Each of them are carved from a single monlithic block of stone, they can be personalized with your name on the stern (via).

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Baby Tapir:
The male baby Malayan tapir called Kamal, whose name means ‘perfection’ were born at the Edinburgh Zoo.

Baby Fennex foxes:
These adorable creatures were born at the Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea:

And these are from Germany's Zoo Darmstadt:

© Joachim S. Müller

© Joachim S. Müller

Rare white otter cubs:
These adorable rare white otter cubs were born at the
Blue Planet Aquarium:

Baby Aardvark:
This baby Aardvark was born at the UK's
Colchester Zoo:

And this one at the Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo:

Baby Tenrecs:

These baby Tenrecs were born at the
WCS Bronx Zoo:

© Julie Larsen Maher / WCS Bronx Zoo

© Julie Larsen Maher / WCS Bronx Zoo

© Julie Larsen Maher / WCS Bronx Zoo

Baby Mouse Deer:
This tiny bay mouse deer was born at the
Paignton Zoo:

Baby Sloths:
These photos of mother sloth Alba and her daughter, were taken at the
Singapore Zoo:

© Shirley Ng

© Shirley Ng

© Shirley Ng

The Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary cares for injured and orphaned sloths in Costa Rica. They also lead sloth education efforts to improve the plight of wild sloths. From time to time, they even have a captive birth, including this baby three-toed sloth called a bradypus or pale-throated sloth:

Baby Wombat:
This baby Wombat was born at Australia's Toronga Zoo:

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Image source

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Baby Pigmy Hippo:
This baby pigmy hippo was also born at the
Toronga Zoo: