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Photos via MStarr79

The Beer Can House in Houston, Texas is real 'tasteful'...

The only thing tasteful about The Beer Can House had to be the beer (if you even like the taste of beer). John Milkovisch (not Malkovich), believed that one should never throw anything away – this led to quite a pile up of beer cans, especially if you drink a six-pack a day. Instead of creating a problem for John, it was the beginning of something great (or not so great).

At first Milkovisch paved over his garden, and created a mosaic pavement of rocks, bits of metal and other items.
Then the cans came into play – Milkovisch started to cover his whole house in sheets made of beer cans – he cut of the ends and flattened the cylinders. Once he was done with the house, he started using the pull tabs, tops and bottoms of the cans to make curtains, mobiles, fences, sculptures, windmills and wind chimes. He continued his adornment until his death in 1988.

Today the house is pretty much the same way he left it, thanks to his wife Mary's caring hand. Plans are currently being made to open the Beer Can House as a museum. In total he used 39,000 beer cans to transform his house.

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