Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HAMSTER REAL ESTATE: 8 High-Class Hamster Homes

Since I am on the topic of doghouses and fish tanks, its only logical that the next step is cages. However, to make it a bit more interesting I decided to post 8 of the most remarkable hamster cages that I found.

1. Gucci and Prada’s online home

I found this little diamond while surfing the web as usual. It is a Mac turned into a quite unique and modern hamster home. The creators of the MacHome, has a blog documenting everything from the making of the home, to the daily activities of their hamsters, Gucci and Prada that lives in this unique 'online' home. Throughout the months, the creators has changed and arranged their living space to keep it interesting for their little furry friends and their fans.

Visit their blog at:

2. Ferplast Tube Line Flipper

This home looks a bit like a pin ball machine to me. Besides the usual home furnishings, such as the wheel, drinker and feeder, this fancy house comes with different exchangable double-sided backgrounds. It may look like a fun home for your hamster, but beware, their are some concerns that really hits home. By the looks of things, it cannot be easy to clean and some people claim that because of the different levels, hamsters might become territorial and fight.

Official Site:

3. FOP Hamsterland Cage

A hamster's home is its castle even if its made out of plastic. There is not much information about this home, however I think the picture says it all. With all the twist, tubes, hide-outs and space, any hammie will feel right at home.

Official Site:

4. Rotastak Creepy Castle Hamster Cage

There's no place like home. The creepy castle is the ideal home for your energetic furball. The glow in the dark feature will allow you to watch your pet even in the dead of night (I'm sure everyone likes to stay up and watch their hamsters). A 'home & away' unit is attached to the cage that is perfect to contain your pet while you clean their home or for visits to the vet. The home comes with a main living area, upstairs living area and 2 lofts, o yes, it also includes the boring stuff like the wheel and water bottle. One can decorate the house with the free glow-in-the-dark stickers that is also included.

via: www.seapets.co.uk

5. Rotastak Themed Hamster Cages

Other quite unique themed hamster cages, also from Rotastak, are the jungle and pirate themed hamster homes. Both are a bit quirky but they stay equally appealing and I'm sure they guarantee lots of fun for your hamsters.

via: www.seapets.co.uk

6. Rotastak Pink Hamster Maze

This home is perfect if pink is your hamster's favourite colour. It's not just the colour that makes this cage stand out. It looks very Futurama-like with all the tunnels and the streamlined shapes. An ideal name for this cage could be "Space Crawl". I must admit I get a little bit jealous on my little friends, how cool will it be if my house looked like that? However you know what they say about hamsters who live in glass (or plastic) homes?

via: www.seapets.co.uk

7. Super Pet CritterTrail Off 2 School

The perfect home away from home. This multi-purpose hamster travel bus has real rolling wheels for playtime after a long day of class. When parked, the bus connects directly to any CritterTrail home (sold separately) providing critters with extra living space.

via: www.superpetusa.com

7. Hamster Powered Paper Shredder

This eco and environmental effiecient hamster cage is a unique concept from the artist Tom Ballhatchet.

8. Harrisons Furry Friends Westminster Hamster Cage

This is two-homes-in-one it has three floors on both sides. This hamster mansion is the ideal home that enables your hamster to indulge in rich and sumptuous living .

via: www.dabners.co.uk


  1. these hamster cages are very good they are all unusual and they are all very bright!

  2. Awesome the pink one looks confusing though i like them all

  3. ive just got the pink one for my 2 new ladie's, they love it, exploring all the tunnels and levels

  4. do you buy em or make em omg

  5. Hello
    Can I use your pics for my enterior design article?

  6. shelbie

    my mum wont let me keep my hamster and i love all of the caes
    i want them all for my hamster but he is oing tomorow and she wont let me keep him
    date 16/07/12
    he is going on the 17/07/12
    good bye my hamster becuse she wont let me keep him
    i hate her

  7. shelbie
    i love the cages

  8. i want all of the caes they are so good

  9. i heard that the 3 level ones are dangerous because the hamster could fall from the top and really hurt themselves but i really like all the creative designes.

  10. Where do you find these cages? They are rather unique.

  11. i want one they are soooooo cool!!1

  12. They are not dangerous as for exsample they were in wild or whatever they climb trees n jump from them and jump from other things I've had a few told these some new and buying today for my little girl

  13. Oh i love it !! i really like that paper shredder!! thank you so much for this great share!!

  14. They look so cool I bet a hamster or rat would LOVE one of these!

  15. My old hamster smeagle had the 4 castles cage with loads of extra pipe, tookma while to find her but she was always happy and lived past 4 years its bigger than it looks in the picture proberly 60cm by 60cm and 30cm high was a great cage rip smeagle! P.s picked up the cage for £50 at oocal pet shop...

    1. I am looking at the "Hamsterland" cage for a new addition to the fam. My son turned 5 and we promised him a pet. I can only find them with Euro pricing. What do they go for here and who carries them locally?