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BARKCHITECTURE: 15 Unique Dog Homes and Beds

After I came across the pic of the Mexican Hacienda Dog House, I started searching the web for other remarkable dog houses...these are 15 of the most interesting ones I found.

1. Celebrity Dog Mansions

If you have the money, why not spend it on a luxury home for your four-legged best friend? Pet homes such as the Mexican Hacienda Dog House (as pictured) and various others are made to look identical to their owners house. However, it seems like these A-list canines are hard to please. Apparently each dog have their own required taste and I am not referring to their diet.
Before construction starts, details such as; breed of pet, style of house, allergies and characteristics of the pet are taken into consideration. The windows and doors are custom built to provide adequate utilization and each house comes with airconditioning, heaters and running water. With a house like this every dog has its day, everyday.

Examples of celebrity dog mansions:

Mexican Hacienda Dog House

This hand-crafted one of a kind dog house belongs to the actress/model Rachel Hunter and is designed by La Petit Maison. The second photo is of the interior of the dog house with terra-cotta floors and all, large enough to fit a human.

Celebrity Brick Estate Dog House

White Colonial Dog House

For more examples see:

2. The Pet House of the Future (with a web cam)

This home is a winner, literally. The Cool Pet House won the Australian Pet Expo 2008. The house is air-conditioned & heated using newly developed state of the art ‘thermo-electric’ technology with temperature ranges from a cool 17°C up to a summery 30°C. Built-in humidifiers ensures that the living and sleeping environment remains at a constant and pleasant humidity. All these features, including the LED lights, are controlled via a remote.

It gets even more bewildering and just plain weird...A
WI FI Web Cam is built into each home that enables people to view their pet and other pets 24/7 worldwide via the internet. I mean what is better than watching dogs sleep and it is about time for canines to star in their own reality show.

3. Victorian Cottage Cozy Kennel Dog House

This is for the canine who appreciates the finer things in life. The Victorian Cottage Cozy Kennel is designed with a gingerbread trim and gable that surrounds a 6 x 8 foot space for your dog. The covered area is for warm weather and to escape into when it is time to sleep. Between the pristine shutters, heart-shaped windows and the spacious interior, being in the dog box is not so bad after all.

Read more:

4. Eco-Friendly Dog Houses

Sustainable Pet Design offers customized eco-friendly Greenroof Animal Homes made mostly of non degradable red cedar wood. The roof of the house doubles as a mini garden. Customization of the homes include size, colour, design and plant choice. Of all the houses on offer at, the Obama Dog Home (as pictured), for the First dog, must be the most outstanding.

Another simular dog house, what I would have called the Camouflaged Dog House House is from Tails by the Lake. What they call the Dirt Insulated Dog House is designed to hold up to 60 plants and 2 dogs.
The fiolage protects your precious pup from rain, sun and heat. A sustainable dog house is perfect for the owner who likes to talk to their plants and their dogs at the same time. What dog doesn't like to have a garden or lavatory on its roof?

The Obama Dog Home

Examples of other Green Roof dog homes from Sustainable Pet Design:

The Dirt Insulated Dog House

6. Transparent Dog Houses:

Dog is a god offers a variety of clever designed dog homes, including the Transparent Dog House 002. This is a much simpler solution to the built in WI FI Cam of the Cool Pet Home mentioned earlier. If you are one of those people who likes to watch their dog 24/7, why not get a glass dog house?

7. Luxury Crystal Dog Home

Hello, anyone home? Liberache would have loved this over the top extravagant Hello Kitty Dog House (that can probably work for cats as well). Talk about pampered pets; it is made with 7,600 Swarovski crystals and is large enough to fit a chihuahua or a small terrier. This home might not have air-conditioning or a built in WI FI Cam, but one thing is for sure, it has the perfect feng shui, considering all the crystals used. I mean who can put a price on their pup's emotional and spiritual well-being? This canine crystal palace retails for approximately $31 600.

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8. Elite Pet Havens

Elite Pet-Havens offers a heaven on earth for your beloved pooch. This heaven is in the form of a custom designed state-of-the-art private environment, in your apartment. A pet haven is designed for the pet living in a city apartment; it enhances the life experience of the pet in an urban environment. These homes comes with air-conditioning and various other features; such as olfactory, gustatory and tactile stimulation systems. The whole setup seems to fantasy-like to be real. However, I am sure your pet will enjoy this doggie retreat, but I'm not sure if he or she will appreciate the jacuzzi. My dog hates water!

One Jackson Square Dog House

This dog house is designed as a tribute to architect, William Pedersen's glass luxury condo building, One Jackson Square in New York. The one-off designer dog house was auctioned off to support the Animal Medical Center of New York in 2008, bidding started at $15 000. According to Pedersen, the stucture resembles a nautilus shell and the planted roof makes for a harmonious and eco-friendly environment.

Read more:

10. The eiCrate

Designer Peter Pracilio created a opened doggy den with no walls or roof. The dome-shaped eiCrate, is the ideal dog house, and will not make your pet feel like their living in a jail cell. Your pet can now be part of the conversation and no longer hidden from guests. However, it does come with a separate cover, that makes it easier for your pup to sleep at night. It also has a lockable door to keep your pup from chewing the furniture when you are away.

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11. Browning Passage Pet Cave

This canine cave, named after an inlet just off Tofino, where its arch was found, is perfect for the adventurous dog. The cave is made from reinforced, paper mache, that makes it weigh much less than a real rock. It features a spacious, cushioned main living area and comes with its own sidekick rock. The cave also retains your pets body heat and gives them their much needed privacy after a day of doing whatever dogs like to do .

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12. Cat Cabin

Although designed for cats, I am sure this cosy cabin can also be perfect for precious little dogs as well...and it looks quite pretty. There is not much to say about the features of the cabin, however, each cabin is hand made and is spacious enough to place bowls of food and water. The cabin also comes with a cosy dirt-repellent cushion. I really like this one, it is just beautiful in its simplicity and can create a inviting ambiance in any room or apartment. I must conclude by saying that it does look more like a bird nest than a cabin.

Read more:

13. The Zen House

The ZenHaus is a sophisticated modern designer dog crate. Besides she sleek and streamlined design, the ZenHaus also doubles as a sleek end table. It is topped with a opaque shatterproof glass, that also enables light to come in from the top.
The vents on the side, creates excellent ventilation for your dog. The ZenHause comes in various sophisticated colors that adds even more value to the total package.

Visit the ZenHaus site for more end table dog crates:

14. Pooch Paradise

I really think some people love their pets a little too much.This over the top Victorian style dog house is something out of a fairytale. The house is specially designed for the owner of three pooches; Darla, Coco Puff and Chelsea. The house has a cedar-shake roof, vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors, heating and air conditioning, moldings and casement windows, drapery with valances and fanciful wallpapers and French boutique furniture. Each dog has their own special designed lavish doggie bed inside (as pictured). A sign on the porch reads: “Three spoiled dogs live here”.

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15. The World's Most Expensive Dog House

Tokyo's Hello Ketty Crystal Dog House mentioned earlier, use to hold the record for the world's most expensive dog house, however this dog palace in Copenhagen has taken the record by far.
The owner of two lucky Great Danes, has recently commissioned a luxury puppy pad, aka The Great Danes Palace, that is due to cost in the region of $400,000. Yes, I know it seems crazy, but check out the features:

The palace includes self-cleaning dog bowls, private playgrounds, a state of the art sound and entertainment system, a day lounge, a spa bath with saline treatment and off course, a security system.

Read more:


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