Friday, October 24, 2008


Surf's up!

The world’s first commercial wave farm went live at the end of September in Agucadoura, located off the coast of northern Portugal.

A 'Wave Farm' has nothing to do with surfing...sorry dudes! It is actually stuctures that generate electricity with hydraulic rams driven by waves. These things have the capability to give power to 15 000 homes!

As the waves roll in past the device, each section is driven up and down, while the hydraulic rams inside resist the motion. This resistance pumps high pressure fluid through hydraulic motors, which drive electric generators, thereby producing electricity. This electricity is then transmitted via underwater cables to the mainland.

There is a downside to these wave farms...factors like wind & weather play an important role, because of the unreliability of these wave farms, the power they generate is not in demand.

However it still is an exiting renewable resource!

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