Thursday, October 9, 2008


Baloon animals that will scare children!

The Light That Guides Us, Chicago, June 2006

Orgasmoebic, Los Angeles, August 2006

Crown Of Thorns, Los Angeles, November 2006

Revenge of the Megadon, New Haven, June 2006

Summer Song / Steeplechase, Seoul, July 2006

Summer Song / Steeplechase, Seoul, July 2006

Honey Suckle Labrynth, New York, April 2006

Elastic Boundaries, Savannah, March 2005

Firefly, 2007

Liminal Space, 2007

Jason Hackenwerth's balloon art is incredible!

Hackenwerth’s material of choice is balloons. He blows up hundreds of balloons and strings them together in unusual forms to create artwork that resembles an array of colourful and strange animals, insects or aliens. Like all balloons they slowly deflate over time and therfore it adds another dimension to his work.

He definately brings a new meaning to the term 'Pop Art'.

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