Thursday, August 14, 2008


Life: The Great Challenge

Close ups of the intense detail of the artwork:

The ultimate solution for boredom.

The puzzle is called Life, The Great Challenge.

Building the puzzle seems like a challenge that is almost impossible. The puzzle comes in four packets that devides the puzzle up into four vertical sections that join together. Each section is completely different from the other sections therefore you will always be entertained.

Nearly all the art that makes up Life: The Great Challenge came from paintings that the artist, Royce B. McClure, has already completed. Over the years the original artworks have been scanned and the various elements in them have been made into layers. The final artwork represents years of work, however the various items were recomposed on a computer to create new compositions. To get an indication of the time it took the artist to complete the original compositions; the‘Lost City’ part in the bottom right of the puzzle took 400 hours of work by itself.

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