Thursday, August 14, 2008



They are definitely not ducks, nor do they have any relation to 'geo'-logy. The name 'Geoduck' comes from a misspelling of the native word 'gweduc' which means to 'dig deep'. They are also referred to as 'Elephant Trunk Clams' and are found mostly around Pacific Coast of the US and Canada.

Modern biologists classify them as large saltwater clams, up to two meters in length. The body of an adult geoduck remains in one spot for its entire life, buried almost a meter deep. No predators can reach them at these depths therefore they can live for up to 160 years. Geoducks are the second longest-living organism on earth, after giant tortoises, which can live almost 200 years.

Their trunks are a delicacy in Asia, each costing up to $300. The average female geoduck produces up to five billion eggs in her lifetime.

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