Friday, June 6, 2014


1. The Madera Wood Bathtub

This free-standing wood-carved bathtubs brings sculptural beauty to your bathroom. The laminated layers of wood create a pallet of textures that makes each bathtub unique. The Madera Bathtub is polished and oiled for a high-quality finish. This bathtub is available from WS Bath Collections in brilliant woods like larch, beech, mahogany, cedar, cherry, walnut, wenge and teak.

2. The Hilo Bathtub

This unique acrylic freestanding bathtub by Glass Idromassagio is majectic and powerful, yet elegant. The textural linear outer casing is the most visually interesting feature and makes it stand apart from other freestanding tubs.
3. The Wood Finish Bathtub

This wood finish bathtub by Bleu Nature is an artful combination of man meets nature; organic elements and modern finishes, mixing in sweet harmony. The Baignoire Stone Pixel tub stands out with its natural driftwood adornments, arranged in an earthy motif to balance the ultra-contemporary lacquered metal, all set on a bold, broad bathtub shaped to suit any space. The collection also includes a matching light fixture, featuring the same silhouette and natural facade wrapping a clean, white interior.

4. Manuel Dreesmann Bathtubs

Gone are the days of the utilitarian, boring bathroom – welcome the new wave of amazing bathtubs, from German designer Manuel Dreesmann and Swiss bathroom brand Bagno Sasso. The Ocean Wave and the Ocean Wing bathtubs are made of Corian, notable for their wonderful organic look and feel. Their sculptural silhouettes, featuring "waves" and "wings" - hence their names - boast a free-form aesthetic that seems to have a mind of its own, perfect for placement in the center of the room.

5. Splinter Works 'Vessal' Bathtubs

The 'Vessal' is mimics both a hammock and a bathtub for the ultimate relaxing experience. That's just what UK-based design group Splinter Works is aiming for with its latest slick elevated bathtub.

6. Stone Forest Bathtubs

If you wish a extraordinary plus unique bathtub, then you should surely choose to buy one from Stone Forest, where the planners can transform stone into astonishing bathtubs.

7. grinERA Bathtubs

grinERA produces solid wood bathtubs and hand wash basins from 100% wood. Their products can be customized from many different kinds of wood.

8. The Swaybath

Drawing inspiration from childbirth and the calmness and security within the womb, British designer Ben Mazur has come up with a unique bathtub called “Swaybath,” which is filled from the drenching showerhead above the tub, and emptied through a valve in the bottom into a drain below. The calming, gentle movement of the water and subtle swaying, turning motion combined with the embrace of the silicone tub as it molds around you to create a placental hideaway from the outside world.

8. The Egg Bathtub

Unico mixed a freestanding oval bathtub with some open storage space.

9. The Origami Bathtub

Stucco presents the Origami: a bathtub combined with four base units that is elegant, versatile and unique.

10.  The Carbon Fibre Bathtub

This incredible carbon fiber bathtub by Corcel seems to play with senses and to completely reevaluate one’s idea of taking a bath the calm way. Because what it inspires is speed in a straightforward way. Its appearance is unique, with black stripes that contribute to an original aerodynamic shape.

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