Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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The Flying Rainbow

The Rainbow Finch, better known as the Gouldian Finch is yet another remarkable specie found only in Australia. The birds are extinct because there are only approximately two thousand of these beautiful birds left in the wild and the number is decreasing. The Rainbow Finches are generally susceptible to diseases and viral infections and because of their bright colors, they are easily caught by predators.

The males and females are both brightly colored with black, green, yellow, red and other colors. However, the male's chest are a bright purple while the females have a paler lilac colored chest. No one knows exactly how many of these birds exists in captivity – it could be thousands. It is a hugely popular pet – because of its unique plumage, but it would be a shame if this stunning psychedelic colored bird’s future existence relies solely on it being kept in cages.

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