Friday, November 13, 2009


1. Grow a pair


Testical implants for dogs might seem strange for some, but it is in fact a very succesful product. Owners can choose the size and type of implant. I guess fake balls is better than no balls. Their web site states:

"Neuticles, the revolutionary testicular implant procedure for pets,
allows your pet to retain his natural look, self esteem and aids in the trauma associated with neutering."

"Over 225,000 caring pet owners Worldwide have selected Neuticles as a safe, practical and inexpensive option when neutering."

2. Pimp your pooch


Petattoos are soft foam rubber stamps that doesn't involve any real inking. 'Petta-Paint' is applied to the Petattoo with a 'Petta-Plier' and then stamped onto your pet's coat. There is no need to press too hard on the stamp, the Petattoo's apply easily. When you want to remove the Petattoo, all you need to do is to damp a paper towel onto the surface and wipe it off….it's that easy!

3. Eye-catching dogwear


Doggles is the first and only eye protection designed and created just for dogs.

4. A window of opportunity for your dog

The 'Pet Peek'

Dogs get depressed when they can't see outside. If you have a fence around you house, installing the Pet Peek is the view your dog needs.

5. Dogs bark their minds

The Bowl-lingual

The Bowl-lingual shows you, the pet owner, the emotions your pet feels. It also offers information about your pet’s horoscope. The emotions your pet can experience can be any of the following: happy, sad, frustrated, on guard or showing off. In Japan, the product is selling very well, so much so, that the maker actually released an English language version.

6. Fluffy made a boo-boo

The STA-ON diaper harness

"The STA-ON is suitable for elderly animals who have lost control of their discharge functions, female animals that happen to be undergoing menstruation, and young animals that are not yet house trained."

What a great invention! I'm sure my dog will love walking around in diapers and its not humiliating for him at all. Telling by the tail of the dog in the pic... his body language speaks for itself. No dog will be wagging their tail when they are wearing a nappy. By the way, if I wanted to change diapers I would have given birth and not have bought a dog.

7. Dogs have bad hair days too

Wiggles wigs for dogs

A Florida company has found its own niche in the market – selling pet wigs. It it is scary that there are so many people that actually buy these wigs for their pets. It's a bit hair-rising if you ask me.

8. Sex dolls for shaggy dogs

The doggy 'lover-doll'

This is a real product. The doggy lover doll is the brain child of a Brazilian company...and for the rest I really think the picture speaks for itself.

9. When your dog takes you for a ride

The dog powered scooter

This seems like a win-win sitsuation – The 'Dog Powered Schooter' enables the lazy person to take a bike ride without actually 'riding' and the best part is that your dog can come along, however it will be your dog that gets all the exersice. From the photo's I've seen, all the dogs seem like they are enjoying the experience. It's a bit like mushing around in your own neighbourhood. I'm just wondering how far my miniature poodle will take me.

10. How to take the fun out of fetching...

'GoDogGo' remote fetch

Now you can play fetch with your dog and all that you have to do is push a button. This is ideal for lazy people. I think this machine lacks a few features; such as the part where your dog gets a 'good boy' accompanied by a pat on the head, when he brings you the ball. However, in the end, solo fetch is better than no fetch.

11. Bubbles that tastes like chicken? WTF?

The 'Fetch A Bubble Micro Bubble Blaster'

This dog
bubble shooter blows colorful chicken-scented bubbles for your dog to pop as they float through the air.
Apparently dogs love to chase after bubbles, especially if they smell like chicken. I must admit that a variety of flavors will make the product even more barkelisious. Personally, my dog prefers beef to chicken, but his favourite flavor is still cat.

12. Pup-casso

Paint kits for arty dogs

I don't believe that dogs are very artistic, and I surely do not think they enjoy the whole Jackson Pollock experience of getting their paws covered in paint and then walking across a piece of paper stuck to the floor. If you ask me dogs will rather choose to fart than to make art.

13. Shaggy likes to snuggle

The 'Alpine Dog' sleeping gag

Okay, I must admit, a dog sleeping bag is not a bad idea. But a alpine dog sleeping bag? I mean come on, who will ever take their dog to places where it is below 16 Degrees – that would be cold-hearted.

14. Keep your dog under the weather

The 'Pet Umbrella'

Thank goodness, now I can take my dog for a walk in the rain... and he won't smell like wet dog afterwards...
If I ever buy a 'dogbrella' it will be to protect my dog from the sun and not from the rain. I must admit. it does make a cute picture. Did I mention you can get matching umbrellas for you and your dog? Well now you can! What about matching outfits too?

15. Hooch for your pooch

'Kwispelbier' – tail-wagging beer

Beef flavored beer for dogs – don't worry, it is not the type of beer that will make the tail wag the dog, it is non-alchoholic. The beer is in fact very healthy, it consists of various nutrisiants and vitamin B that is good for your dog's kidneys. Now your best friend can be your drinking buddy too.

16. Let sleeping dogs exercise

Okay, I admit, exercise for your dog is essential, but this is a bit drastic. Surely a walk in the park will be a better option since you and your dog get to burn some calories. The big question is: will your dog willingly use the treadmill, everyone knows that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

17. Just the urn your dog earns

Howl about that? This digital urn has a screen that displays photos of your dog (while he or she was still alive) as memorabilia. The first compartment holds the digital frame while the second has 95 cubic inches of space inside, accommodating pets from 0-75 lbs. Being constantly reminded of you dearly departed dog is surely not a good way of coping with your grief.

Boo for poo!

The 'Pet Loo'

The Pet Loo was invented by a woman who lives in an apartment with her two dogs. She recognized the need for dogs to be able to do their business without the owners presence.

The Pet Loo box has a sheet of porous synthetic grass on the top and an angled drainage solution underneath, so that urine drains through and collects in a tray at the bottom for easy emptying by the owner.
The plastic turf has been treated so that it doesn't smell and that it can be washed in warm water – so that pets don’t get turned off by chemicals and disinfectants.

I don't care how clever the design is, I'd rather stick to late night dog walks, which I believe dogs enjoy more.

19. 'Walkies' vs strolling

The 'JEEP Rubicon Pet Stroller'

There are a lot of pet strollers on the market, but this one from JEEP takes the cake. It has features such as: a hand brake, parking brake, a parent tray anda large storage basket. It sure as hell takes the fun out of 'walkies'.

The 'Double Decker Pet Stroller'

The double decker pet stroller makes it possible to walk two dogs (or cats) at once. It looks a bit like a prisoner transport vehicle for pets, and the poor animals don't look very happy by being constrained.

20. Top dog


The 'Pet High Chair' for dogs

There is nothing as fulfilling as having your pup join you for dinner...or lunch...or breakfast. Now you can also take your best friend out to a fancy restaurant that will ensure for barking conversation.

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