Wednesday, September 9, 2009


If you are a person who likes eccentric fusion foods then the 100% Chocolate Cafe in Kyobashi, Japan might just be up your alley. This one-of-a-kind cafe offers 56 different types of Meiji’s solid, square chocolate with flavours such as cheese, black pepper, lemon salt, basil, lavender and jasmine to tickle your taste buds. Each square chocolate block is numbered according to its composition, with variations on single beans, milks, fruits and herbs, and sweeteners. The chocolate bars themselves can be hard to find, however, if you visit the cafe, you can have the complete experience of tasting all 56 flavours. The less adventurous eaters can also be tempted – honey, almond praline and royal milk tea are some of the less daring flavours on the menu. The cafe also serves tasty drinks and chocolate dishes that includes unique chocolate paste fillings and chocolate ice cream toppings. Whatever you choose to dine on, you will surely leave the 100% Chocolate Cafe with an extraordinary taste in your mouth.

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