Monday, August 17, 2009


Remnants of war become vessels of peace

The Maunsell Sea Forts was erected in the mouths of the Thames and Mersey rivers during the second world war. Today these striking war machines are mere remnants of a past mostl want to forget. The forts were designed to protect the ports of London and Liverpool, the two most important ports is the United Kingdom.
Designer Guy Maunsell took on the task of creating these sea forts. Seven interconnected steel structures were erected in a semi-circle with the control tower in the middle. Walkways between the structures allowed the men to move around between the forts.

The preservation of these historical artifacts have not been taken seriously until recently. Project Redsand was created to rehabilitate and preserve the Redsand Towers. A new safe access system has been installed and materials to assist the project are being donated. The towers will be restored one-by-one and after each one is complete, it will be put to immediate use. There are many ideas about what the towers may be used for – such as a platform for marine biologists to conduct experiments such as the effect of global warming on local marine ecosystems. Other suggestions made were to use them as a war-museum, a wedding venue and for assault training.

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