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1. Goofy Golf
Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

The Goofy Golf miniature golf course in Florida is worth mentioning because it is one of the oldest themed mini golf course in the world and well...the most goofiest one by far!. The Goofy Golf miniature golf course was built in 1959 in Panama Beach, Florida, by concrete genius, Lee Koplin. Back then it was the beach only attraction, but today there are plenty of mini golf courses and water parks in Panama City Beach.

Goofy Golf is an amusing blend of ancient monuments, monsters and space age icons that towers over the putting greens.

While Koplan's original idea has been modernized by courses today, Goofy Golf remains true to its roots. The course stands nearly identical to the way it was when it first opened. Lee Koplin died in 1988, however, today his son keeps Goofy Golf alive.

2. Hawaiian Rumble
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Hawaiian Rumble has been selected as the number one miniature golf course in the world. Hawaiian Rumble has two sister courses - Hawaiian Caverns in Myrtle Beach, home of the US Open and Hawaiian Village in North Myrtle Beach which hosts the Masters and the US Open.

The centerpiece at Hawaiian Rumble is a magestic volcano which makes the ground tremble and causes flames to erupt every 20 minutes. Almost every hole at the course has been positioned around the huge, 40-foot volcano; therefore each time you play, you get a different view of the mounted lava rock.

By the way...Mini Golf is an actual sport, since when?

via harrisminigolf.com

3. Par-King Skill Golf
Milwaukee Avenue, Linconshire, USA




Filled with fountains, topiary, fanciful objects, thematic holes, Par King Skill Golf is rated as the world’s most unusual mini golf course.

Par-King Skill Golf is older than people would think, a guy named George built the course next to his driving range in 1950. It was originally called George's Gorgeous Golfing Gardens, but when it became a bigger hit than his driving range, Par-King was born.

According to visitors it is unlike anything you've ever seen before, including, of all things, a roller coaster or the ‘Super Looper”. There is also a Mr. Clown,
Mr. Turtle ... and yes, even the Sears Tower!

Official Site:

4. Mayday Golf
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Mayday Golf, one of the best in the world, is built around the theme of a crashed airplane, leaving passengers on a tropical island, and enabling them to play golf while waiting to be rescued. Mayday Golf can be divided in two adventures; Mayday Mountain and Rescue Falls.

Mayday Mountain is a lush, misty escape that follow rushing water and continue rising up until you reach Mayday Mountain itself. The course leads you under the wings of the Big Yellow Airplane, a Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon that has crashed onto Mayday Mountain.

Rescue Falls is built around the 'Rescue Falls' waterfall and features a real rescue helicopter which has come to the aid of our stranded island visitors.

Official Site:

5. Ahlgrim Acres
Palatine, Illinois




The most hair-raising miniature golf on earth is in the basement of a funeral home in suburban Chicago. Ahlgrim Acres includes obstacles such as coffins and headstones. Screams and spooky music play continually.

They take a different approach with their funeral home business, as part of their funeral package they actually throw in a free round of miniature golf and most of the people actually take it. They have been offering mini golf for over 35 years and it is still going strong. They do say that they take the death of loved ones seriously but people still need to have fun.

6. Putz in Glo
Black Hills, South Dakota, USA

Putz in Glo is a blacklight minigolf course with a unique rock and roll theme. They have art dedicated to Elvis, Kiss, 80's metal bands, MTV, Pac-Man, Star Wars, a lot of hippie art, a life size Homer Simpson and hole 18 features the Rolling Stones mouth in which you have to hit the ball in to finish the hole.

You can listen to your favorite rock tunes from the last five decades while you play the most unique 18 holes of miniature golf you've ever experienced in an indoor 8,000 square foot facility.

Official Site:

7. Ripley's Old McDonald's Farm Mini Golf
Sevierville, Tennessee

Ripley's has a exiting mini-golf course with a original barnyard theme. The course is home to animatronic animals, and it entertains the eyes and ears. Whenever you hit the ball through a course, dogs will bark, cows will moo, or chickens will cluck.

There is plenty to look at as you wait your turn. You can read the names of the animals or study the farm equipment.

Believe it or not...

Official Site:

8. Bible Themed Mini Golf

exington Ice Center & Miniature Golf
Lexington, Kentucky





The Bible themed mini golf coarse in Lexington bills itself as the best miniature golf course in Kentucky and was features on the Travel Channel’s Top 10 Miniature Golf Courses show. The theme centers around the two parts of the bible and various miracles. Each hole has a bible verse that is associated with the hole being played.

Does this mean that you can play mini golf in stead of going to church on Sundays?

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9. Golf Gardens
Catalina Island
, Avalon

Golf Gardens is internationally known as the world's most challenging and beautiful miniature golf course. Unlike so many other courses, what makes this course unique is the fact that it does not have any fancy gimmicks and it is sitsuated in a beautiful garden setting. There is a variety in elevation and a lot of interesting holes, like a 'loop the loop' a square spiral and some very tricky uphill shots.

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10. New Zealand’s Original Adventure Golf

New Zealand’s Original Adventure Golf offers a pirate themed mini golf experience. Although the pirate theme is not so unique,
Original Adventure Golf makes the experience even more memorable by enabling players to dress up like a pirate and play putt putt pirate style.

They have three adventure style mini golf courses located in Auckland - Treasure Island, Wellington - Pirates Cove and Christchurch - Pirate's Island.

Players get the opportunity to putt over pirate ships, past cascading waterfalls, through haunted treasure caves and past shark infested waters.

11. Glowing Greens
Portland, OR

Glowing Greens is a Surreal Black light indoor 3D miniature golf course. With the use of ultraviolet paints and blacklights the environment is transformed into three dimensional realism.

Glowing Greens will capture the imaginations of everyone and immerse you in a world of animated creatures and stimulating sound effects.

Official Site:

12. Disney's Winter Summerland
Walt Disney World


Disney's Winter Summerland, is a miniature golf course located near the entrance to Disney's Blizzard Beach water park. The wacky golf course is divided into two 18-hole experiences, each with a story behind them. The Snow or Winter course carries the zany, snow-clad Florida look reminiscent of Blizzard Beach while the Sand or Summer course has a more tropical, holiday theme, with ornaments hanging from palm trees.

12. Mini golf on a roof
Igualada, Spain

This modern house in Spain has a complex and industrial looking mini golf course on its roof. The house was designed by architects ADD+ Arquitectura.

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  1. do you have any from maryland

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